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In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, AI code generation has become a crucial component in simplifying and streamlining the web app development process. Flatlogic, a renowned provider of web app templates and themes, has taken a giant leap forward by integrating ChatGPT, an AI programming tool that allows developers to generate fully-functioning web applications using natural language descriptions. This article will delve into the exciting features of Flatlogic’s ChatGPT integration, its impact on web app development, and the pricing options available to developers.


AI-Powered Code Generation

Flatlogic’s groundbreaking integration with ChatGPT allows users to create fully-functioning web applications in just minutes by leveraging AI code writing capabilities. Developers can generate a database schema based on a simple description of the desired app using the natural language processing prowess of ChatGPT. Once the schema is generated, the Flatlogic web app generator takes over and constructs a comprehensive CRUD app based on the provided schema. This powerful coder AI solution eliminates the need to write a single line of code, thereby revolutionizing the web app development process.

The integration of ChatGPT significantly reduces the time and effort required for web app development, catering to experienced developers and non-technical users alike. From CRM/ERP web apps and CMS software to project management tools and admin panels, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Flatlogic’s ChatGPT integration simplifies the development process, enabling users to create fully-functional applications that cater to various business needs and industry requirements, all while fostering innovation and accelerating product delivery.

Full Customization and Source Code

Distinct from other no-code or low-code AI app development platforms, Flatlogic Generator provides the unique advantage of enabling users to push the source code of the generated application to Github. This feature ensures that users are not restricted to the platform, offering them the flexibility to modify and enhance the application as needed.

Complete Authentication

Upon completion of the application, users will receive a comprehensive authentication component that includes sign-in, sign-out, password management, email confirmation, as well as dedicated login and logout pages.

Deployment and Hosting

Flatlogic manages the deployment and hosting process on your behalf, eliminating the need for downloading and installing the final product. Everything is conveniently accessible online, streamlining the user experience.

Easy Testing

Visualize your final application online and showcase it to your colleagues prior to committing resources to the technology stack and design. Develop a fully functioning CRUD application within hours instead of days or months. Test the application with real users and make adjustments in a matter of minutes.

Responsive CRUD Apps

The created application is an all-encompassing full-stack solution, featuring front-end options like React, Vue, or Angular, along with a Node.js, PHP, or Java REST API back-end, and a choice of SQL or NoSQL databases. The responsive application ensures seamless functionality on any mobile device, providing a smooth user experience.

How to Use FlatLogic Web App Generator

generate web apps with chatgpt
Image: Flatlogic

Pick a Stack: Opt for the stack you’re most comfortable with or prefer working alongside. FlatLogic supports an extensive set of contemporary web application technologies, including React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, and SQL or NoSQL databases.

generate frontend, backend, and database with ai
Image: Flatlogic

Choose a Design: Select from a range of exceptional designs crafted based on modern UI/UX trends, ensuring your final application boasts a sleek and professional appearance.

ai web template
Image: Flatlogic

Establish Schema: Type your application description prompt and Chatlogic will suggest database structure for your application. This is their ChatGPT + Flatlogic integration. In this step, you can formulate entities, fields, and define the relationships between them.

generate web app with gpt using flatlogic
Image: Flatlogic

Finally, Flatlogic will build and deploy your app. You may also push to Git during this step if you want.

ai generated web app test
Image: Flatlogic

After a few minutes, you app will be ready for you to view:

ai generated app using flatlogic and chat gpt
Image: Flatlogic


Flatlogic offers a range of pricing options designed to accommodate the needs of individual developers, small businesses, and large enterprises alike who wish to dabble in no-code AI. With various plans that grant access to different features and levels of support, users can find the perfect fit for their web app development needs. This article will explore Flatlogic’s pricing plans in detail, outlining the benefits of each and guiding users towards the ideal choice.


$39/app/month | $299/app/year

The Individual Plan is best suited for small projects and MVPs. It offers per-application pricing and includes app hosting, zero-configuration, CRUD tool access, commercial use allowance, high-quality JS code, and the ability to download and push to Github. However, this plan is limited to one application and selected front-end, back-end, and database options only.


$299/app/month | $2990/app/year

The Professional Plan is perfect for agencies and professional developers, providing per-platform pricing. It encompasses all the features of the Individual Plan, while also granting access to unlimited applications, all front-end options (React, Angular, Vue), all back-end options (Node.js, Laravel), and all database options (PostgreSQL, MySQL). Additionally, users can take advantage of a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Contact for Pricing

The Enterprise Plan offers a tailored solution that adapts to your business requirements. With this plan, the Flatlogic platform is customized to cater to your individual needs, including defining the database schema for you, priority support, and a dedicated account manager to ensure a seamless experience.

Who owns the code generated with Flatlogic?

Upon purchasing a paid plan, you will be granted a license to utilize the generated code as desired, including for commercial purposes. However, there are two limitations:

  1. The number of derivative apps (final products) you can create is equal to the number of Individual Plan subscriptions you possess. For instance, one subscription allows for one app. This restriction does not apply to the Professional Plan, in which case you can create as many apps as required.
  2. You are not permitted to create code-generators based on the code generated by Flatlogic.

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