Copilot2trip is your free AI-powered personal travel assistant that helps you plan and experience your trips with ease. With Copilot2trip, you can instantly generate personalized plans, make adjustments based on real-time circumstances, and explore your itinerary on an interactive map interface.

  • Instant personalized plans: Generate personalized travel plans, from one-day staycations to 10-day trips, by simply chatting with the AI assistant
  • Real-time adjustments: Easily revise your plans based on unexpected turns or circumstances, ensuring flexibility during your trip
  • Interactive map interface: Explore your itinerary on an interactive map, giving you a visual overview of your trip plans for a more immersive travel planning experience
  • Combining technology and wanderlust: Copilot2trip combines cutting-edge technology with the passion for travel, constantly evolving to make every journey extraordinary
Pricing Type: Free Trial
Price: Paid Plans from $7.99/mo
Platform(s): Mobile App, Web

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