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Notelier is an innovative AI-powered note-taking platform that revolutionizes the way students write and study their notes. With powerful AI tools built-in, such as automatic flashcards, quizzes, summaries, and paragraph generation, Notelier helps students save time, study more effectively, and improve their learning outcomes.

  • Automatic flashcards & quizzes: Create flashcards and quizzes automatically from your notes, making it easier to review and test your knowledge.
  • High-quality summaries: Generate concise summaries of your notes or lectures in a matter of seconds, helping you digest information more efficiently.
  • Powerful paragraph generation: Generate paragraphs instantly based on your descriptions, allowing you to write at the speed of thought and focus on editing.
  • Rephrasing for any terms: Get reworded versions of your papers or notes for different grade levels or age groups, improving clarity and understanding.
Pricing Type: Free Trial
Price: $5.99/mo
Platform(s): Web

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