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Harnessing AI video editing, today’s video editing tools are transforming how we create and share our stories. These intuitive platforms employ AI to simplify complex processes, making video editing feasible and enjoyable for beginners and seasoned professionals.

Good visual content is not enough in today’s highly competitive digital world. You need exceptional special effects, and AI video editors will help you bring your visions to life. Let’s discuss 5 of those unique tools and review the groundbreaking features each one offers.

1. Synthesia

Creating videos for commercial purposes is different from other cases. Your content has to look professional and with companies investing huge sums in equipment such as microphones, high-quality cameras, and actors, the emergence of secondary issues such as crew training, maintenance, and a steep learning curve is only a matter of time. What if all those hurdles could be overcome with an AI video editor? Synthesia does just that.

Synthesia’s 150+ diverse AI avatars and more than 120 different languages, accents, and voice tones, not only make engaging with your customers simple and cost-effective but also open up completely new possibilities for reaching international audiences. Average video generation with Synthesia only lasts 15 minutes, saving you time and adding yet another advantage to this amazing tool.

You can also add micro-gestures to the avatars, making sure the message is communicated with the utmost clarity, and even generate your own custom digital twin with this AI video editor.

2. InVideo

With the highly competitive nature of digital media, making sure you stay on top of the game means making frequent posts with high-quality content. This can be extremely time-consuming since your content also has to convey your or your brand’s unique style and tone of messaging.

InVideo‘s AI video editor simplifies this process by offering an enormous library of more than 5000 templates you can choose from. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, applying the templates can be done even by those with no previous video editing experience. You can also make changes to the templates and make sure that the end results are exactly what you want your audience to see.

What makes InVideo so special is its AI features, designed to boost your productivity. The text-to-speech tool will generate a video script from simple AI prompts, then turn it into an engaging, illustrative video in only a few minutes.

3. Movavi Video Editor

An extensive toolset of features such as video merger, cropper, resizer, and stabilizer, coupled with top-notch AI-based noise and background removal and resolution upscaling makes Movavi Video Editor an ecosystem that fits all needs.

This all-in-one approach AI video editor not only eliminates the need of using multiple tools, thus saving time but also makes your editing workflow simple and intuitive.

When shooting videos on a mobile phone, chances are you will encounter unnecessary background noise. Whether that is cars, wind, or anything else, Movavi’s advanced AI algorithms will take care of this issue for you. The AI-driven denoiser always guarantees crisp-sounding audio on your videos.

Another great AI video editor tool that Movavi offers is the background removal tool, allowing you to achieve results that would previously require a green screen and hours of careful editing can now be accomplished by you in a matter of seconds.

Primarily designed for social media, Movavi also offers artists LUTs that bring your raw footage to life, more than 180 filters and special effects, motion tracking, and chroma key. With so many great features, figuring out where to start can be tricky. Don’t worry, because Movavi’s fun and engaging blog is here to help. Here you will find articles, use cases, and tutorials made for giving you all the necessary information for creating professional-grade content easily.

4. Pictory

Pictory completely revolutionizes how video editing is done. Its powerful AI video editor allows your videos to be turned into text, and be edited just like Word documents. This feature is extremely helpful when it comes to working with longer videos such as podcasts and live streams. It also does other time-consuming tasks such as eliminating filler words and unnecessary silence and automatically generating subtitles.

Other groundbreaking features include the ability to turn blog posts into informative, fun videos, bringing your blog to life, and making it available to broader audiences. With the text-to-video AI generator, you can also automatically create videos in minutes with simple scripts.

All of these tools are web-based and can be used by you without downloading any software, which makes Pictory a good solution for those who like to use AI video editors from their browser.

5. FlexClip

If you are searching for a minimalist AI video editing solution, look no further than FlexClip. To start with, it offers AI text-to-video generation with an easy-to-use interface. Writing the prompts, watching the generated video, and editing it are done at the same time, from the same place, giving you full control over the process.

You can then use FlexClip’s rich library of more than 1000 animations and presets, millions of dynamic elements, and rich transitions and overlays to further perfect your videos and bring them to life. FlexClip is simple but powerful. Once you are done with the visuals, you can also add royalty-free music using more than 4 million assets.

Other features include AI background removal, image, and subtitle generator, and much more.

With visual storytelling dominating the digital world, it is extremely important to make eye-catching content that stands out. Luckily, recent developments in artificial intelligence make the impossible possible, and with those revolutionary tools, you can turn your workflow on its head and achieve new heights.

Each one of the mentioned AI video editors offers something truly unique, bringing your content to new heights and opening doors for new exciting possibilities. There has never been a better time to invest in AI-based solutions for your content. Dive in, explore, and keep creating!

Tony is an AI consultant with expertise in e-commerce and business automation. Combining his engineering background with business insights, he adeptly identifies challenges and crafts tailored AI solutions for optimal efficiency.

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