Orimon is a no-code conversational AI chatbot builder that allows users to quickly build and deploy industry-trained advanced chatbots for their websites and various platforms. With multilingual capabilities and pre-built templates, users can create engaging and intelligent chatbot experiences without coding.

  • No-Code Chatbot Building: Build and deploy advanced conversational AI chatbots without any coding knowledge or skills, saving time and effort.
  • Industry-Trained Templates: Access pre-built templates designed for various use cases and industries, allowing for quick customization and deployment.
  • Multi-Lingual Capabilities: Create chatbots that comprehend and respond in over 120 languages and dialects, enabling global reach and enhanced customer interactions.
  • Simple Integration: Easily integrate the chatbot into websites, WordPress, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and more platforms with a copy-and-paste job of a two-line code snippet.
  • Pricing Type: Free Trial
    Price: Paid Plans from $19/mo
    Platform(s): Integrations/Plugins, Telegram Bot, Web

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