NovelAI is an AI-assisted authorship and storytelling tool that uses NLP to create human-like writing based on user input. It offers a wide range of features, including image generation, text adventure modules, customizable editor, and AI modules that replicate famous writers.

  • NovelAI enables anyone to produce quality literature, regardless of their writing ability.
  • Unprecedented levels of freedom with its Natural Language Processing playground, which uses AI models trained on real literature to seamlessly adapt to user input.
  • NovelAI’s image generation feature allows users to visualize their favorite characters and moments from their stories using powerful image models and the leading Anime Art AI.
  • Users can customize the editor to their liking with the theme editor, which allows them to freely edit fonts, sizes, and color schemes at any time.
  • Pricing Type: Free Trial
    Price: Paid Plans from $10/mo
    Platform(s): Web

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